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    Life Skills Training  

The Bridge

Training for life
by the relationship experts

The Bridge is the training arm of Relate Pennine Keighley and Craven and under its banner we are able to deliver an extremely wide range of excellent courses for private individuals, organisations and commercial businesses.

Below, you will find a brief account of some of our most popular standard courses, but please bear in mind that we are always very happy to work with clients in order to develop customised packages of training which will specifically address the issues of most interest to them.

Prices are negotiable and, wherever possible, we try to give charitable organisations and private individuals the best possible deal that we can.

To help you plan and think about how we might best be able to help you or you organisation, please note that our trainers usually work with groups of up to 12 people at a time, and that most of our popular courses can be delivered with the accreditation of the Open College Network (OCN)

For the general public

The Bridge offers a tried and tested road to personal development, better private relationships, improved parenting skills, greater confidence and self-knowledge.

This training can either be accessed in a traditional group setting, or, if you prefer, on a one-to-one basis.

For professionals in the healthcare and social care sectors

The Bridge is a fast lane to professional development, with tightly focused courses offering a wealth of strategies, skills and learning designed to help workers develop better relationships with their patients/clients, deal successfully with conflict, operate effectively in highly charged situations and develop a more sophisticated understanding of family systems and the internal dynamics of family relationships.

The Bridge can help business too

That’s because the courses we offer are all about improving relationships - both the internal relationships within a workforce and the relationships between companies and their customers. No business can get ahead if communications are poor, stress levels are high and customers are lost because of ineffective technique on the part of salespeople and telephone receptionists. The good news is that, with the help of the Bridge, many of these problems are easy to fix.

Quality Control

We guarantee that all the Bridge’s workers are all professionally qualified, highly experienced relationship counsellors and trainers. In addition, most of our courses also offer you the option of Open College Network (OCN) Accreditation.

Here is a brief account of some of our most popular courses

For personal development and better private relationships

  • Riding the Storm: an essential survival guide for parents of teenage children.
  • Moving Forward: a course for people who are looking to move forward after the difficult and confidence sapping process of divorce or separation.
  • Taking Charge of Your Life: provides individuals with the skills, understanding and learning necessary for increased confidence and the successful management of life and relationships.

For professionals in healthcare and social services

  • Understanding Relationships: the theory of how relationships work within the family context. Excellent Continual Professional Development for professionals and volunteers.
  • Looking Beyond the Problem: provides professionals and volunteers with Solution Focused and systemic skills for use in a helping role.
  • Counselling Skills for non-counsellors: a chance to learn and practise some basic counselling skills for use at work, home or in the community.

For business

  • From Emotions to Solutions: provides professionals and business people with the skills to deal with emotional clients and highly charged situations.
  • Emotional Intelligence in Workplace Relationships: provides emotional management skills and techniques for managers, HR staff and Team Leaders: a route to better workplace communications and efficiency.
  • First Impressions: provides telephone based staff with the learning and skills they need for successful communication and the creation of good relationships with customers.

How to book your training

For more information about costs and the full range of available courses, please ring or email our Head Office in Keighley.

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Relate adult services are open to all adults whatever their sexuality, financial circumstances or ethnic background.
Our Keighley and Huddersfield offices also have good access for clients with physical disabilities and appropriate ground floor facilities.