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    Sex Therapy


Relate sex therapy | Keighley | Huddersfield | Halifax | Calderdale

Relate sex therapy is extremely successful at dealing with a number of very common sexual problems, including:

  • premature ejaculation
  • difficulties with erections
  • difficulties with orgasm
  • painful intercourse
  • loss of interest in sex

And the really good news is that we achieve this without the need for physical interventions or drugs.

In general, our sex therapy programmes are at their most effective when we are working with couples who have both a caring, stable relationship and a joint commitment to improving the sexual side of their life. However, our therapists can also work with individual clients and we are happy to offer any potential client an initial assessment in order to determine whether or not Relate sex therapy could be an appropriate form of help for them.

Clients coming to Relate for sex therapy are first asked to participate in a thorough assessment process that generally involves some 4 sessions. Following this process, clients are offered a unique sex therapy programme designed to address their particular needs and difficulties.

If you decide to approach us for help, please be reassured that the therapy sessions take place in the privacy of a quiet room. During sessions, your therapist will help you to talk about and understand your sexual difficulties and then gradually guide you through a practical programme which will help you to both overcome your problems and reduce your anxiety about them.

Despite what you may have seen on TV or the movies, we can assure you that the only thing you will do during a relate sex therapy session is talk. However, it is important that clients entering the sex therapy programme are both able and willing to carry out appropriate exercises in the privacy of their own homes.

Helping us to Help You

Clients can always self-refer to our sex therapy clinic by either ringing or emailing the RPKC office most convenient for them.

That said, if your difficulties are of a long standing nature or perhaps the result of physical illness or a medical condition, it is often a good idea to visit your local GP before registering as a Relate client. That way, you can ask your GP to write to us and make sure that our therapist has the latest and most accurate information about the state of your health and details about any medication that you might be taking. Sometimes, for example, the loss of sexual desire or the inability to achieve an erection might simply be a side-effect of prescription drugs rather than the symptom of a deep-seated psychosexual problem. In short, the more your therapist knows about your general health, the easier it is for him or her to provide you with an appropriate treatment programme.


Although RPKC is a registered charity and isn’t in the business of making profits for shareholders, we still have to cover our costs if we are to survive.  In practice this means that we sometimes have to ask clients to pay towards the cost of their counselling and therapy.   For details about our costs and charges please click here

Getting a sex therapy appointment

We can normally offer you a first appointment within 2 weeks of your first contacting us. If you would like to get an appointment for sex therapy here is what you need to do:

On the phone

  • ring the RPKC office most convenient for you ( (see contact page)
  • ask to register for relate sex therapy
  • be prepared to tell our member of staff your name, postal address and telephone contact numbers
  • be prepared to pay your registration fee over the phone using a debit or credit card.


  • Please fill in the on-line registration form form that appears on this page and follow the on-line instructions for making your Registration Fee payment.
  • Make sure that your contact details are correct because our office staff will need to contact you in order to confirm your first appointment.

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Relate adult services are open to all adults whatever their sexuality, financial circumstances or ethnic background.
Our Keighley and Huddersfield offices also have good access for clients with physical disabilities and appropriate ground floor facilities.